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Grass Carp

freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae

Grass carp have elongated torpedo-shaped body forms.

Used as a biological means of aquatic weed control in farm ponds and lakes. In most cases, if stocked at a rate of 10-15 per acre, these fish can control all of your weed problems within a year's time. In some cases it is better to stock at higher rates due to the type of weed and or the expectation of the pond owners needs. We encourage people to restock at a rate of 5 fish per acre every three years after weed problem is under control to stay on top of weeds with fast growing young fish. This fish is certified sterile and cannot/will not reproduce. Normal life expectancy is 5-7 years.

3-5 inches
  • Best for new ponds or newly renovated or drained with no largemouth bass present. 10-15 per acre


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8-10 inches
  • Best for ponds with bass less than 2 lbs or established ponds less than two years old. 10-15 per acre


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10-12 inches
  • If you have bass 3 lbs or greater this size or larger is your best bet for survival. 10-15 per acre


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12+ inches
  • Best for ponds with bass 3+ lbs and a competitive environment. 10-15 per acre


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