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Our triploid grass carp do an excellent job of controlling aquatic weeds. Triploid fish are sterile and will not reproduce.

Stocking Recommendation: 10 to 20 per acre

3-5 inch ... $2.00 each

8-10 inch ... $7.00 each

10-12 inch ... $9.00 each






Channel Catfish are the most commonly cultured species of fish in the U.S. Rapid growth and great taste make farm raised channel catfish an excellent choice for the back yard pond or commercial fish farmer.

Stocking recommendation: 200 to 1000 per acre if stocked with other fish and up to 2000 if stocked alone.

3-5 inch … 20¢ each

5-7 inch...40¢ each

7-9 inch...$1.00 each




Hybrid striped bass are a cross between white bass and striped bass. They can be stocked along with largemouth bass as a sport fish, or they may be grown without other fish present since they will consume prepared feeds.

Stocking recommendation: 50 per acre.

1-2 inch ... 75¢ each (available in May)






Largemouth Bass is the number one game fish in North America. When largemouth bass are stocked with sunfish, the bass will control sunfish over-population and will grow rapidly.

Stocking recommendation: 100 per acre

1-2 inch... 75¢ each (available in May)

4 inch... $2.00 (when available) 

6 inch... $5.00 (when available) 

8-10 inch... $7.00 (when available) 






Red Breast

Red Breast


Currently Owen & Williams produces four species of sunfish or bream: bluegill, redear, redbreast, and hybrid bream. Success with bream is normally dependent on the presence of largemouth bass to control over-population.

Stocking recommendation: 500 to 1000 per acre

1-2 inch… 20¢ each

2-3 inch… 40¢ each

3-4 inch...60¢ each

4-6 inch...80¢ each



Black crappie are native in Georgia.  Not recommended in ponds smaller than 5 acres. 

Stocking recommendation: 50 per acre

 1-3 inches...50¢ each (When available)

3-6 inches...$1.00 each (When available)



Threadfin Shad

Threadfin Shad

Threadfin Shad


Threadfin Shad


Threadfin Shad Stocking… $1500.00 per load.

One Load will stock a 5-10 acre pond.  Call for more details.