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Who We Are

Producers of Quality Fish for Recreation and Aquaculture

Producers of Quality Fish for Recreation and Aquaculture

In 1981 we began when Paul Williams and his business partner, the late Ed Owen, started producing channel catfish fingerlings for local growers. Since then we have grown to be the only producer of triploid grass carp in Georgia.

Today, Brian Simmons is CEO for Owen and Williams. We specialize in providing fish for stocking lakes and ponds. Our trucks delivers fish all over the Southeast, and we offer scheduled pick ups. Our farm has 10 full-time employees, with two fisheries biologist on staff, and we also have part-time employees in the summer.

Unloading Truck-Sales

Owen & Williams has two locations with our main office located in Hawkinsville, Georgia and our grow out ponds located in Newton, Georgia. We have approximately 300 acres of water, with 80 ponds. Owen & Williams sells commercial catfish fingerlings and recreational fingerlings as well as several other varieties of fish. Be sure to schedule your pick up before coming to ensure your order is gathered and in the tank. We also offer consulting services to help you determine how to get the most out of your pond or lake and referrals for pond shocking. Owen & Williams believes that word of mouth is our best advertising and we strive to make every customer happy.